Plan Your Trip

Even though we are in a remote location you are able to drive directly to our camp, either through Manitoba (via Winnipeg) or through Saskatchewan.

If you are flying, it is most convenient to fly into Saskatoon and rent a vehicle for your 420 KM drive to camp.


Orientation “Bear Facts”

When you arrive at camp you will get settled in, sight in your weapons, and get all the licenses straightened out for the hunt.

Each hunter will be provided with the basic information of your hunt, and meet the guides and camp staff.

All bait locations are pre-baited at least a month before the hunter’s arrival and continued throughout the hunting season. This ensures that all bait sites are fresh and active and will have multiple animals routinely feeding from them. Our hunting stands and blinds are placed appropriately for bow, muzzleloader and rifle hunters. Hunters may hunt from a ladder stand, hang-on stand, self climber stand, or ground blind. These will be placed to allow the hunter the opportunity to accurately judge the size of the animals and ensure they are satisfied with their trophy.


100% Opportunity

35% Colour Phase Bears

Success is in your Shot!

Our bear hunting day normally starts in early afternoon when we take each hunter to the stand using all-terrain vehicles and/or boats. When possible we maintain contact with the hunters using portable radios.

Our deer hunters go out before daybreak and most will sit out all day – not wanting to lose the opportunity to get their trophy deer. Tree stands and blinds would be heated as needed.

When the hunt is completed for the day we pick up the hunters and start listening to the stories! In the spring once tags are filled there may be opportunity to go fishing to fill the remaining days.

Check the weather forecast prior to your trip.

Look over the Saskatchewan Hunting Guide for more hunting information.

Here’s a checklist to help you plan the perfect hunt!

  • Hunting clothes (we suggest layered clothing)
  • If you are rifle hunting you must have a white, red or blaze orange jacket or vest and an orange or red hat (white or orange camouflage is not acceptable), this is required by law
  • Bug jacket, mosquito hat/face net
  • ThermaCell and refills
  • Bear – Rain gear: Rain Suit / Rubber Boots / Hat / Gloves / Head Net
  • Deer – Winter gear as appropriate
  • Any cover scent or lure you like to use
  • Weapon of choice
  • Protective case for weapon
  • Seat cushion
  • Tree stand safety harness
  • Camera
  • Personal care products including towels
  • Sleeping bag & pillow
  • Slippers or light shoes to wear around camp (easy on/off)
  • All meals are provided but feel free to bring any snacks or drinks you like
  • Favorite spirits/mix
  • Fishing equipment for Northern pike and walleye if you wish to fish